3 Outdoor Team-Building Activities for Your Employees

When you build cohesion among your team, it can only benefit your overall business because employee friction reduced productivity and output. Sometimes, taking your team outside is the best way of building teamwork. Here are some ideas for an outdoor team-building exercise that can strengthen the bond between employees.

Corporate Survivor

This is a twist on the popular reality television show, but you will not see the backstabbing and jockeying that you see on television. TeamBonding discusses that while there are two tribes that must compete in challenges, the tribe does not vote someone out of the competition. Instead, that tribe must work together to keep everyone remaining in the competition. The challenges are not designed to be individual, but rather to get the team working together. Instead of an individual winner, the teams will compete for points to determine which team wins the game. While conflict may be lacking, this is no less entertaining than the real thing.

Strengthen Your “Herd”

Team building with horses is a creative idea that will draw participation from your employees that are impressed with a novel idea. Wonder Valley Resort and Conference Center explains that horses are dynamic creatures that survive through teamwork; they can teach us much about team building, trust, communication, nonverbal cues, decision making, creativity, and leadership. Team building sessions help strengthen your “herd” through a series of team building exercises in an arena, facilitated by horses. The sheer creativity of this exercise will open people’s minds to new experiences and ways of thinking.

Corporate Sports Day

While this is an old favorite, it is tried and true. Sports days originated in England and have made their way into the American culture. Simply getting the team out of the office into the sunshine allows for employees to bond through competition. You should have both individual and team competitions to encourage friendly competition. Perhaps start with running events of the old favorite, potato sack races, in order to build the excitement. If your budget allows it, you should also provide employees with food and drink to encourage them to spend time together between games. SnackNation talks about an alternative to a sports day is encouraging your organization as a whole to participate in a running or walking event. This can get everyone in the office talking about the same thing.

Although creativity helps, you do not have to be overly inventive in order to encourage your employees to participate in a team-building exercise.

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