A Quick Guide to Setting Up a More Effective Office

One of the first ways you can improve your chances of creating a business that employees and customers love is in setting up your office. You and your workers will spend the majority of their time there. Depending on the structure of the business, you may be bringing frequent guests and customers to your workplace as well. A well-designed office feels comfortable and welcoming while providing employees with everything they need to do their job in an effective way. There are a few steps you can take to design a pleasant and productive workspace. Here’s a quick guide:

Facilitate Communication

What’s the first thing to consider when setting up your office? Communication. In an ideal office, everybody should be working together in harmony. People should feel comfortable talking to each other, and in designing your office, you have to make a space where that’s possible. Volaris points out that many offices are removing walls from areas that are traditionally closed off based on the belief that people should be able to move freely between workstations and talk to their coworkers in an ergonomic and comfortable fashion. Of course, some walls are necessary to maintain privacy when needed, depending on the business you’re in.

Engage Every Sense

One surprising way to increase productivity in an office space is to engage with your worker’s senses- all of their senses. Visually, your office should be clean and well-lit. It should be quiet and free from distracting noises. You can even engage your workers’ olfactory senses. Some businesses use essential oils to create an appealing office atmosphere and help workers’ concentration, allowing people to focus. For essential oils that aid in concentration, doTERRA recommends trying peppermint, lemon, and eucalyptus.

Make it Comfortable

If your workers aren’t comfortable, they’ll have a hard time working. If you invest in your workers’ comfort, it will go a long way toward productivity. Salli recommends looking into chairs that are readily adjustable and easy on the spine and shoulders. Look into mousepads and other computer accessories that are shaped well for the wrists and hands. Any money you spend making your workers comfortable now will come back to you later in the form of happiness and efficiency.

Office productivity is a key part of ensuring a business’s survival. A significant part of productivity is making good use of the space that you have. If you make sure to facilitate communication, engage your workers’ senses, and keep things comfortable, your office is sure to be full of happy and productive workers.

Do you have a story of how you’ve made your office a happier, more productive space? Send it to us today!