Find your purpose, GET your focus

System Reset – You’re Drifting, get on track

Focus. It’s so critical. It’s so essential. It’s so obvious. It’s also so overlooked. Focus is not just overlooked, but often entirely dismissed! So much effort spent on #Hustle #Passion #Energy #Drive #Ambition. Do you know what you’re hustling for, do you know what all the drive, passion, and ambition is even about? I have […]


You might just die by these new rules… OR THRIVE!

Bottom line, the business world is changing… NO SCRATCH THAT, HAS ALREADY CHANGED… For the past 100 years, it was good enough to have a solid product, market it through traditional channels, sell some, have an outsourced customer service team at least acting as if they are listening, then sit back, relax, and watch the revenue […]

Are you living on purpose

Are you living on purpose?

I believe most people are simply meandering along, letting life “happen” to them…  99% of the world lives life from day to day, trying to “get by” trying to figure out the next best move, doing their best to adjust as life comes at them 100 miles an hour. But that is not living on […]


Get ready EVERYTHING is about to change

Everything is about to change in the next 5 years… A LOT In ways NONE of us expect, and the best part, you can’t plan for the change, only for how the change happens… For the last 100 years, people have relied on, well, reliability… The smart guys were the ones that didn’t take big […]


Playing it safe may be the riskiest move you make.

It pays off to play it safe right? You want to be careful not to be too edgy, not to be too aggressive, or too “new school.” You can’t afford to offend people; I mean times are tough right? Now is NOT the time to take risks!! Right? WRONG! Playing it safe is the Riskiest […]


We’re Launching Soon!

We are very excited you found us, we firmly believe what we are building is going to be something pretty special, we are really looking forward to sharing it with you!