Why Leaders Need to Focus on Developing Their Followers

Time spent on employee development can feel like lost time. You are pulling your workers away from the tasks and projects that your business is all about. However, this kind of development can be a great gift to your business in the long run. You will develop workers with increased skills and a positive attitude about their jobs.

It Makes Your Team Better

According to 6Q, you hire employees because they have skill sets that you need at that time in the life of your business. The world keeps changing. New technologies develop. New clients have different expectations. Employee development lets your workers gain new skills that they can apply to their jobs. Your team will have more flexibility as new challenges arise. Developing employee skills gives you an edge in a competitive market.

Followers Leave if They Feel Leaders Don’t Care

Recognizing the need for employee development means that you are paying attention to your workers. No one wants to feel like he or she is just a nameless person in a cubicle, hired to do a meaningless task. They want to know that business leaders notice them and see their potential. According to Instructure, 70 percent of employees were willing to change companies if they found one more focused on their development, and 34 percent of people interviewed have left a job to find one that is more focused on developing their career. When you learn the gifts and skills of your employees, you can do more targeted development. Employees with a knack for technology could learn web design or maintaining your website. Employees with natural leadership skills could receive management training. When you recognize, affirm and develop employee skills, they will feel greater loyalty towards the business.

It Makes Fiscal Sense

Employee development costs time and money. However, according to Humanity, this is an investment in your people as well as your business. Over time, training your workers will save your business time and money. They will learn to do their jobs more efficiently. You also might be able to save money on outsourcing. If an enthusiastic employee learns some web skills, you no longer need to hire an outside firm to handle your website or social media page. When your employees are handling these sorts of tasks for the business, they will feel more invested in the company. This means you will save time and money on employee turnover and new hires.

The business world is constantly changing. Your employees need new skills to keep up and thrive if you want your business to continue to be successful. Employee development is a winning strategy for business success, so embrace it when you have the opportunity.

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