Why Servant Leadership Reduces Employee Turnover Rates

All industries need leaders to manage the team and keep the operations running smoothly from the top to the bottom. The quality and type of leadership in the workplace significantly influences how satisfied employees are and their level of commitment to the company. Here are a few reasons why servant leadership reduces employee turnover rates and impacts the team in a positive way.

Growth Among Employees

When leaders work to serve their employees, it helps each employee to grow because business decisions have a positive impact on everyone in the workplace. Employees feel more empowered to grow and have the freedom to succeed as a professional in an environment where they feel valued and cared for by their supervisors. The leader makes it a point to cultivate an environment of trust and value diverse opinions. They also help each employee with life issues instead of only work-related issues that are present.

Supportive Culture

Leaders have the chance to create a supportive culture in the workplace where employees feel free to utilize their skills and offer their ideas due to the provided encouragement. Although traditional leadership exercises its power at the top of a pyramid, servant leadership makes it a priority to focus on the growth of employees while cheering them on and taking a humble stance. Servant leadership can create a supportive culture that empowers each individual and allows them to feel safe in the setting while sharing their power. Almost half of former employees cite company culture as the reason they left their previous job, which makes it necessary to lend your support to reduce the turnover rate and develop a solid team.


Employee satisfaction improves with servant leadership because everyone feels like their needs are met and that their supervisor isn’t only concerned about themselves or the bottom line. Environments with a democratic leadership style often suffer because someone is always on the losing end. Employees who feel heard are more loyal to the company because they know that they’re respected and that they have a voice within the organization.

Servant leadership has proven to be effective and useful in reducing employee turnover due to how well the team feels that they are taken care of and valued by upper management. By understanding that servant leadership can have a direct impact on the success of the company, it can be easier to implement that leadership style when running the company.

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