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3 Industries in Desperate Need of Entrepreneurs – HindSight

3 Industries in Desperate Need of Entrepreneurs

The American economy is based on new people providing new energy to old industries. For a variety of reasons, some industries need more energy than others, as their already existing entrepreneurs are getting older and in need of additional assistance or revitalization. Here are three such industries that are in real need of new entrepreneurs.


The energy market is rapidly shifting, as more and more Americans move away from fossil fuel dependency and towards renewables. This change is being accelerated by the fact that renewables are becoming cheaper and gaining support from policymakers across the world. As a result of this shift, the industry is in need of fresh blood. New entrepreneurs can provide it for this industry and help to make sure to provide an alternate perspective. One that is more environmentally focused, but still has enough focus on the bottom line to make sure that the industry is profitable in the long term.


The average age of an insurance agency owner is 59 years old, and very few have a successor in place. This, of course, is a major problem in the long term, as any industry requires both young people and a succession plan to ultimately be successful. Again, part of this is driven by changes within the industry: More and more people are now using the internet to shop for insurance policies and have found that they don’t need an insurance broker to help them make insurance purchases. As such, new entrepreneurs are needed who can buck these trends and help ensure the long-term survival of this portion of the insurance industry.

Psychiatry & Psychology

There is an ongoing shortage of mental health professionals in this country. While this business is a noble one, it’s unquestionably still a business and one which is in need of more people and creative leaders in order to better help the millions of Americans who suffer from some sort of mental illness. This industry needs more than just practitioners?it also needs entrepreneurs who can find new and creative ways of providing help to the 1 in 5 Americans who need it.

Entrepreneurs are about more than just hiring new people?it’s about the fresh energy, ideas, and perspective they bring. The above three industries are badly in need of all of these qualities in order to survive in the long run.

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