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3 Problem Solving Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Know – HindSight

3 Problem Solving Strategies Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Starting your own business can be both one of the most challenging and fulfilling things you can do in your life. However, having the opportunity to start your own business does not automatically mean success, of course. One of the most vital skills an entrepreneur must have is the ability to solve problems. The following includes three problem-solving strategies every entrepreneur should know.

Breaking Your Problems Down

Most problems you face are tedious but easy to solve. However, you will eventually run into a difficult problem from time to time. Therefore, it is important to understand how to break down your problems in order to solve them in the most efficient way possible. To accomplish this, you must first dissect every part of the issue to determine where the problem lies. For example, if you are having shipping problems, then you might want to ask yourself if this is the post office’s fault or the company’s. Once that is done, you can then determine your first move. If the shipping issue involves your company, then speaking to those responsible for shipping must be your next move. Lastly, listen, and then figure things out. You must listen to those at the heart of the problem. Try to understand why an issue has arisen, and then work together to fix the problem.

Taking a Step Back

Naturally, young entrepreneurs want to do it all. They want to staff the production line, be a part of every meeting, and speak with every customer. Although this drive and dedication are admirable, they can quickly become dangerous. You become fatigued, both physically and mentally, over time. Not only does being drowsy make your commute dangerous, but it also compromises your productivity. So, don’t be afraid to step back once in a while. Not only will this help you recharge your batteries, but you will also demonstrate to your staff that you trust them enough to run the company for a day or two.


Business can be unpredictable at times; therefore, it is important to learn how to adapt to stressful and difficult situations in an instant. Being unfocused or too worried about a situation can quickly lead to mistakes. This also means understanding that a problem may have multiple ways of being solved, and so business leaders should be open to suggestions.

Entrepreneurs today have a huge advantage in being able to start their own companies with ease. However, difficult times will arise, and you need to be ready for them. Adhere to the list above to begin improving your problem-solving strategies.

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