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3 Tips for Success in Hiring Your First Employee – HindSight

3 Tips for Success in Hiring Your First Employee

The success of your business can be largely predicated on who you hire. While you might have strong business senses and know what your goals are, you have to be able to guide people to achieve these desired results. To hire the best possible first employee, you need to follow these tips.

Prepare the Right Job Description

When you’re ready to begin hiring, you need to put out an attractive job posting. Consider the role and what exactly you need from potential candidates. If your language is vague or you fail to mention certain requirements, you’re going to have a surplus of applications to sift through. You should mention any sort of educational minimums that need to be met and what hard skills candidates need to have. According to Beamery, ?the best job descriptions don’t appeal to everyone, they stand out to your candidate persona (i.e. your ideal new hire for that vacancy). Put the key information that candidates are looking for, (salary, location, title), right at the top. That makes it easy for people to self-qualify and decide whether there’s anything that completely rules you out as an employer.? As you get your business off the ground, you need to feel confident that you have the right person by your side. Go through applications and determine who has best responded to the job posting in terms of showing relevant work history and skills.

Use Pre-Employment Assessments

Some people might apply for the position who have no business doing so due to not having the necessary experience or skills. They might be able to bluff their way through an interview, but assessments can show who really deserves to be considered. According to The Hire Talent, ?testing to measure a candidate?s hard skills during your hiring process allows you to save time down the road by validating and ensuring your new hire has the skills that you want and need in your position.? You need to determine if your candidates have the skills and abilities you are looking for. The best candidate might not know everything, but they should be someone who can be molded to your liking.

Request References

Requesting references allows you to better determine a candidate’s value. You should get contact information from previous employers and supervisors. Ask them to describe the candidate’s time with their company and whether or not they would rehire them. According to WorkBright, ?not only do reference checks allow you to verify facts from resumes, cover letters, and interviews, but they also provide you the opportunity to learn about a job candidate through the eyes of another professional. This can be a make or break moment for the job candidate.? ?References alone shouldn’t be enough to decide if you hire someone, but they can definitely be important. When others can recommend hiring someone, you could end up determining who you ultimately want to hire.

Your first employee should not be given unreasonable expectations, but they should be held to a certain standard. You hired them sends a message that you trust them to live up to your expectations and set an example for future employees to follow. This can be a time not only for teaching them but learning a few things yourself.

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