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3 Types of Taxes Every Online Business Owner Needs to Know About – HindSight

3 Types of Taxes Every Online Business Owner Needs to Know About

Running an online business is a dream that many people have. While it provides a lot of potential, it is also hard work and requires you to know a lot about the business world. One area that you will need to understand is tax law. There are three types of taxes in particular that all online business owners need to know about.

Self-Employment Taxes

One type of tax that you need to know about as far as a business owner are self-employment taxes. Most people know that they need to pay their fair share of Social Security and Medicare taxes, which tend to be about 7.5% of your total income. However, many people do not realize that their employer pays an equal amount through a payroll tax. If you own your own online store, you will have to pay both. This means that up to 15% of your income will be going towards Social Security and Medicare, which can be a pretty hefty tax that comes along with simply owning your own business.


State-Specific Online Sales Tax

Another important part of tax law that an online business needs to fully understand is sales tax law. In the past, online businesses were exempt from charging sales tax to consumers. However, economic nexus laws have changed taxes for online businesses in many states. This has helped to even the playing field for all businesses, including online stores and brick and mortar retail stores. At the same time, this has required a business to understand the sales tax law in every state that they sell to. Knowing these laws and implementing them is important as making a mistake could lead to penalization.


Income Taxes

Finally, if you run and own an online business, you will need to understand how income taxes work. If you earn a profit, you will need to pay taxes and the state, local, and federal level. It is important to carefully assess all your expenses to minimize your net income. You should then plan for your eventual tax bill at the end of the year.


When you are looking to run an online business, there are many important things that you need to understand. One important thing that a business owner needs to know is how taxes work. By understanding tax law and implementing it correctly, you can avoid severe penalization and ensure legal compliance.

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