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4 Powerful Leadership Lessons That We Can Learn from Jesus Christ?s Life – HindSight

4 Powerful Leadership Lessons That We Can Learn from Jesus Christ?s Life

Day in and day out, leadership can seem to be a daunting process. The proper delegation of authority, balancing work and family life, getting results from your company and leading a business with integrity are all issues that can take a stressful toll on our emotional well-being. As Christian business leaders, how are we supposed to cope with it all? Even though it isn?t just a rhetorical question, there is a somewhat easy answer to it.

If we model our leadership style after the One we follow, Jesus Christ, we can continue to excel in the leadership of our businesses and companies. Consider these elements of the leadership of Jesus Christ:

Shepherds Versus Hired Hands

In John 10:11-15, Jesus expounded on the principle of the Shepherd versus the hired hands. We can apply this verse to leadership by noting how we want individuals who will act as shepherds who care about the health of the organization and not just hired hands who only care about their own interests.

Moreover, because interviewing and hiring is so difficult and so time-consuming, it’s often tempting for leaders to wash their hands of the entire process. This is rarely a wise strategy because you want quality to join your organization and the only way to find them is through dedication and hard work.

Servant Leadership

Jesus was an excellent example of servant leadership, and that is an important trait in organizational leadership today. Servant leaders should submit themselves to a higher purpose, use their own power to serve others and teach those around them to be servant leaders themselves. We can see this in Jesus? life by how he washed the disciples? feet, a job that is normally left up to a lowly house-servant.

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

Jesus also understood the importance of separating the wheat from the chaff. Christ had very high leadership standards, and he knew that would cause some individuals to depart from his ministry. Likewise, in business, having high standards will help you retain only the best individuals.

Jesus Never Gave Up

Indeed, there is an old gospel song that states, ?He could have called down ten thousand angels? to get him off of that cross. He chose not to do that because he wanted to fulfill his mission. You see, Jesus realized this one key principle: You don?t have to be a great individual to get started, but you have to get started in order to finish up great.

When you apply these principles, it won?t take long for you to be recognized as a well-respected business leader. Jesus is the best example in every aspect of our lives.

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