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4 Tips for Keeping Your Workers Safe on the Job – HindSight

4 Tips for Keeping Your Workers Safe on the Job

Starting a new business is a risk, but one of the biggest risks is not keeping your employees safe. If you work in an industry that’s associated with injuries, you might think that you’re already aware of everything to know about safety. However, safety and accidents should always be taken seriously. Follow these four tips so your employees can work without fear of harm.


People should be looking out for each other, but the best way to make sure your workplace is in order is tohave sharp managers. Your manager should be able to delegate while also catching risks to safety that might elude the average set of eyes. They should also feel comfortable calling out and disciplining anyone who does something unsafe, even if it’s someone they have a close relationship with.

Drug-Free Workplace

An employee being under the influence of drugs or certain prescription medications while working can be a huge blow to safety. Drug tests upon hiring are a must, and a background check might reveal that someone has a history that indicates a lack of safety. If an accident occurs, the person deemed responsible should be drug-tested, as you don’t want them to risk causing harm again.


Stopping an accident long before it has an opportunity to happen is how you keep your stress levels low. There is a Japanese concept called poka yoke which recommends making it as difficult as possible for employees to make errors in order to prevent accidents. Take the setup of your warehouse or factory into account as you see what could cause issues, such as flammable materials being placed in proximity to a heat source. There must also be clear instructions for each piece of machinery and not allowing usage of equipment by employees unless they’ve proven they can be trusted with them.


Certain safety procedures in the workplace can seem like conventional wisdom, but even if nine out of 10 employees know something, that tenth employee still needs to be informed. Holdingregular safety training will bring everyone up to speed and keep those who might’ve been uncertain about some protocols can get the clarity they need. You can also engage them by asking what they would do in certain situations. You owe it to your employees to look out for them. Protection is about making workplace conditions right and ensuring everyone is complying with the rules. A safe workplace isn’t immediately apparent, but over time, it’s something to be grateful for.

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