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Business Experience is Good, But a Willingness to Learn Might Be Better – HindSight

Business Experience is Good, But a Willingness to Learn Might Be Better

As we head into 2020, the workplace has become more than just somewhere people show up to collect a paycheck. With so many digital changes happening, self-driven learning is proving itself to be almost as important as a college degree. Education shouldn’t stop once someone graduates college. Regardless of industry, the need for people who want to learn on the job has doubled over the last ten years. Unfortunately, the hyperinflated prices of education hold many people back from furthering their learning.

A Key to Innovation

Whether someone is a CEO or works in the mailroom, there needs to be a willingness to learn. Not so long ago, people went to college and focused all of their attention on learning a specific skill set. They graduated and used that specific skill set to land a job. The issue is, as time went on, more companies?both startups and mega-corporations?realized that a lack of innovative thinking was holding them back. Without ongoing learning, both employees and business owners cannot grow. It’s impossible to think outside the box when you’re accustomed to only thinking one way. Being able to solve problems, create fresh content and continue to grow personally and professionally requires ongoing education.


Increased Adaptability

With so many changes occurring in the work landscape, being able to adapt and learn on the fly can make employees invaluable. The more experience a person has, the greater the tendency to think that those with less experience are the ones in need of additional guidance and training, but when it comes to dynamic fields such as technology and software everyone is best served by having a willingness to learn and adapt to new developments.


Increased Qualifications

Continued learning also opens the door to opportunity for both business owners and their employees. The more qualified an employee is, the more they have to offer a potential new employer. On the same token, even within the workplace, employees who continually demonstrate the ability to take on new roles are the ones who business owners need to retain. Not having to hire and then rehire people to fill positions saves time and money. Increased qualifications equal increased ROI.


Learning shouldn’t stop the day someone gets a job. It’s an ongoing process that benefits both the company and everyone who works there. The world of work moves quickly, so those who refuse to jump on the learning bandwagon may eventually be left behind.
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