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Business Ideas to Try if You’re Great at Social Media – HindSight

Business Ideas to Try if You’re Great at Social Media

Are you one of those people that just really “gets it” with social media? Some others may be left scratching their heads at sharing an Instagram post or trying to figure out what all the mania is with the milk crates, but not you. Those skilled in social media sometimes move at a faster pace.

If social media is where you spend most of your time and you’ve gotten quite good at it, why not try to get more out of it? There are more than a few ways out there to make a career out of your TikTok prowess. Here are just a few ideas for how you can make a living using your social media skills.


Becoming an influencer is probably the most obvious (and seemingly most glamorous) way of making your social media proclivity work for you. Influencers are typically folks who’ve gathered a large and dedicated following because of a skill, hobby, or lifestyle that they showcase using social media outlets. If an influencer gets enough of a following and garners enough attention, brands will start to notice and pay the influencer to showcase and/or endorse their products.

Part of becoming an influencer is knowing how to present on social media. Plenty of folks are out there doing similar things, but a lot of what makes an influencer stand out is their ability to engage and connect with their followers using social media. And to be able to do that successfully requires skill in the various platforms.


E-commerce is another way to put your social media prowess to work. Unless you’re a retail guru, starting an e-commerce store can sound intimidating at first. But starting an e-commerce store is now easier than ever with simple drag and drop features. If you can build a website with one of the many website design platforms available, then you can easily source products to sell on your online store. Find some products you’re interested in and can talk intelligently about (for website descriptions) and you can set up your own ecommerce store.

Social Media Manager/Consultant

And perhaps the most traditional way to put your social media skills to work? To literally put them to work.

Social media and online presence is such a big need now that small and large businesses alike are aware of their need for an online presence. Many businesses will hire a social media manager to handle their various accounts, putting the manager in charge of building brand awareness and engaging with the company’s followers and customers. Or, if you don’t like the idea of working for exclusively one company, you can also build your resume as a social media consultant.

If you’re adept at social media and have some skill in the area, consider putting it to good use and earning some extra cash.

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