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Can Wedding Rings and Gyms Ever Work Out? – HindSight

Can Wedding Rings and Gyms Ever Work Out?

Wedding rings are a symbol to society and to yourself of the love and affection you feel toward your partner. Many people wouldn’t dream of ever taking theirs off. If you are like one of those folks and reluctant to remove your wedding ring before working out at the gym, here are several reasons why you may wish to reconsider that decision.

Generally, No

It is generally a bad idea to wear your wedding ring while working out. Not only could you potentially cause irreversible damage to your ring, but you could also lose your ring when you sweat. Many rings such as gold and silver are made of soft metals that can easily scratch. Sweat, oil, and grime can also stick to and tarnish your ring after a hard workout.

If your ring has precious gems such as diamonds, gemstones can work themselves loose from their settings and be difficult to track down around the gym floor. Even though wearing your ring can be second nature, there are certain situations, such as working out at the gym, where it is better if your symbol of love is tucked safely at home or in your gym bag.?

Alternative Options

If wearing your ring has become second nature and you have that nagging feeling that something is missing if you are not wearing it, you can opt for a substitute silicone ring while working out. While your wedding ring is safe at home, your silicone ring can take the abuse of an invigorating workout. Silicone rings are extremely resistant to heat, cold and UV exposure. They can also expand to fit your finger as your hands relax and contract while lifting weights.

Though made of less breathable materials, some silicone rings have grooves on the inside that allow for greater airflow. After many years of marriage, couples can become accustomed to feeling a ring on their ring finger. Not having a ring present can make many feel as if they’ve forgotten something. A silicon ring is an answer to that problem. Not only is it safer to wear during a workout than its metal counterpart, but there is a multitude of his-and-her design options so that a married couple could have a set made together.

Ring Avulsion

Perhaps the most painful reason to keep your wedding ring at home is the risk of suffering ring avulsion during your workout. Having a metal band protruding into your ring finger repeatedly can strain and bruise your finger. If your ring is not made to shatter under significant stress, your ring will very likely cut into your finger if it is caught on a piece of machinery. Ring safety is paramount, and for this reason alone, it is best to leave your wedding rings at home.

Your wedding ring is a special symbol of the commitment between you and your partner; however, there are some instances where it is better kept safe at home. Going to the gym is one of those instances.

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