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Expenses That Can Drag Down Your Business if You Aren’t Careful – HindSight

Expenses That Can Drag Down Your Business if You Aren’t Careful

Running a business can be costly. There are a lot of functions and services that your business needs to provide and have in order to remain operational. As they say, you must spend money to make money. But following this advice too closely can have rather negative consequences. If you don’t stay on top of things, you may find your business taking on expenses that simply don’t make sense. Here are three expenses that may be dragging down your business and keeping you behind the curve.

Office Expenses

There are a lot of costs that go into operating an office space. First and foremost, there is rent, the largest hit to your wallet when running an office. But there are also things like appliances, furniture, cleaning services, utilities, parking, etc. that all add up to a rather hefty fee. In today’s world, you may not even need an office space anymore for your employees. By having your employees work from home, you can save thousands of dollars each month on wasted office expenses that aren’t moving your business forward. If you find that your business could benefit from a day or two every week or month to have an in-person office space, then rent a coworking space for that time, and only have your office space when you need it.


Taxes take a huge chunk out of your bottom line every year. Taxes may not be entirely avoidable, but there are things you can do to significantly lower your business tax bill each year. Registering your business as an LLC, for instance, can give you a lot of options and leverage in your taxation. LLCs let you choose how you want to be taxed, whether as a C-corp or a pass-through entity. This can help you save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on your tax bill, getting to decide how you want to be taxed. Speak to a tax professional to get their full opinions, as without knowing the details of your business offering a specific solution for your business is difficult, but you should consider an LLC for sure.


Many business owners severely underestimate the cost of a high employee turnover rate. Hiring is a very expensive process, requiring you to hire recruiters, and spend your precious time interviewing potential candidates instead of taking care of the business you need to be handling. When you keep employees long term it also helps you avoid the costs of training and teaching new employees how your systems work and how to operate in your business. The lower you can keep employee turnover, the better for your bottom line.

Running a business is expensive. But it almost certainly doesn’t have to be as expensive as some people make it. Follow these three major culprits to find ways to cut expenses that are dragging your business down.

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