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Get ready EVERYTHING is about to change – HindSight

Get ready EVERYTHING is about to change

Everything is about to change in the next 5 years?


In ways NONE of us expect, and the best part, you can?t plan for the change, only for how the change happens?

For the last 100 years, people have relied on, well, reliability? The smart guys were the ones that didn?t take big risks, didn?t invest in the (high risk / high return) stocks, didn?t buy the product when it first came out, and waited patiently for safe opportunities to come to them. During that time if you were one of the lucky few, one of the ones that had the money, power, or position to have control, your message or product would be heard. The masses didn?t have a choice and accepted your product, it was fine. It was a ok because it was all they knew, and they were happy?

Everything is ChangingThose days are over, you see it already, even in the last 10 years entire industries have been created, evolved, and gone away? I?m working from Starbucks this morning, on a thing called an iPad, a few year ago no one ever heard of an ?iPad? the cell phone in my pocket is more powerful that a multimillion dollar supercomputer from a decade ago. ?I?m connected to a free high speed connection to the internet where virtually limitless information is only a fraction of a second from my fingertips.

By the way, this limitless information I have access to is fast, reliable, accurate, and updated like we never could have imagined not too long ago.

So that?s the change then, more faster, better information at your fingertips?



The change that I?m talking about, the change that will continue to shock each one of us over and over again from now on, is the fact that SINCE we have an ever increasing ability to tap into this information WE, all of US, have the power to select the stuff that actually matters, the stuff that we really care about, and the stuff that is actually accurate.

For the first time in the history of the world EVERYONE has an opportunity, everyone has an ?at bat?, just a little while ago if you wanted to reach millions of people with your informational video about something your passionate about you would have to spend millions of dollars, today, the HD camera on your iPhone, and a free upload to youtube and your done!


For those of us that create content, content that people care about, have a message that the world ?wants? to hear, we have a chance to tell/share/give/ and SELL. It?s fast, cheap, easy, and if your stuff is good, if it?s what people want.


Do you think that Apple will always have the coolest cell phones, are we even gonna have cell phones, we will always be using Google for internet searches, or Microsoft on our desktop computers, or read books with paper? Of course not! ?People have a power to ?choose? like they never have before, and it?s a process that today happens naturally, the old power of money and position are quickly being replaced with the power of a messages, content, and products that people care about.

Do you forward an email that?s lame, do you tell your friends about a video that sucks, do you tell everyone on Facebook about a product that is just mediocre?

Didn?t think so?

But you WILL tell everyone, and tell them through new increasingly effortless ways when you find something you DO care about, that DOES help or solve ore remove a problem for you?

That is powerful?

That Changes Everything?.



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