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How Can I Create a Good First Impression With New Customers? – HindSight

How Can I Create a Good First Impression With New Customers?

Happy customers are what make your business a success. It’s important to impress your customers from the moment they walk in your door or research your company online. Making a good first impression is key for employees and owners alike to make their new customers happy and keep them returning for more.

Be Friendly and Professional

Although you are there to sell a product, you don’t want to be overly pushy on your new customers. According to Techbloke, it’s a good idea to try to listen to them and answer any questions they may have with patience and tact. You should also be knowledgeable about your business services in case the customer needs additional specifics. Your social media pages and company website should also invite customers to contact a member of your team who is the best pick for delivering professional customer service.

Maintain the Curb Appeal

Your storefront is the first thing your new customers will see before walking through the door. It’s alright to have a rustic appeal if that’s along your line of work; however, it’s important your storefront is pleasing to the eye and safe for you and your customers. Faded signs and a messy entrance can be easily fixed. According to Glass King, broken or damaged glass can affect your customers’ perception of your business. Make it a high priority to replace damaged glass quickly. Your curb appeal is what can draw new customers in from the street and lead to them recommending their friends and family to shop with you.

Have Good Customer Service

Politeness and professionalism are the keys to great customer service. You’ll want to make every customer feel welcome, whether they are new or a regular. It’s simple and easy to stand out as a great worker and business owner alike. Try to dress professionally, and greet your customers as soon as they walk in. Introduce yourself if need be, and ask if they need any help. According to Due, it’s important to let your customers know that their business matters and you’re here to make sure they enjoy shopping with you. Whether you’re working the front counter or taking phone calls, always be polite and patient with your new customers.

Your customer’s first impressions are sure to be their most lasting ones. By satisfying their needs and wants, you can develop a lasting base of clients who will refer other newcomers to your business, helping you succeed as a company.

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