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How Fintech Software is Changing How Businesses Are Run – HindSight

How Fintech Software is Changing How Businesses Are Run

Businesses are quickly discovering the advantages of fintech (financial technology) software in managing their financial operations. These apps offer an easy-to-use alternative to traditional financial services. Whatever the size and nature of your business, fintech can help you be more organized, efficient, and secure in your finances.


Conventional financing can involve long, tedious processes with piles of paperwork. With fintech, businesses can greatly expand their access to financing options to find financing products that best meet their needs. The process is streamlined and fast.

Fintech can benefit small businesses and startups that face obstacles in obtaining financing. Banks and traditional lenders often set the bar too high for entrepreneurs who have been in business for only a short time. Fintech can connect businesses to sources for microloans, peer-to-peer lending, unsecured financing, crowdfunding, and other alternatives.


Payment processing is another way fintech is revolutionizing small businesses. Fintech enables fast, secure, and instant payments, not only from customers but also business-to-business. This allows for transactions around the clock, seven days a week. This is essential for e-commerce platforms to function.

Whether used online or in a mobile app, digital payments are growing in popularity with consumers and businesses alike. They can be used for both sending and receiving payments. One of the largest is Apple Pay, which can be used on iPhones or any Mac device. Apple Pay is available to more than 250 million users around the world.


Security is perhaps the most attractive feature of using fintech. Although financial platforms may need access to bank account information, account numbers are never shared between parties in a transaction. Only essential personal identification is used. Moreover, any financial information is encrypted before transmission or storage.

Fintech software makes use of secure data storage methods, including decentralized blockchain systems, which distributes “blocks” of encrypted information across several hard drives for safety against would-be hackers. Many fintech software platforms have also developed their own cloud storage for easier access and better security.

Over the past decade, digital technologies have changed the way businesses have managed their financial needs. Increasingly, businesses owners are relying on fintech for day-to-day monetary concerns and long-range financial planning. The possibilities of this fast-growing field will continue, as software makes more use of AI and machine learning to refine and expand what they can offer the business owner.

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