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How to Ensure Your Personal Long-Term Career Success – HindSight

How to Ensure Your Personal Long-Term Career Success

One of the greatest fears that people deal with is running out of money before they run out of time. The prospect of living in poverty in one’s old age is the incentive that drives so many to invest heavily in retirement plans. In order to make sure that your savings are adequate, it’s imperative that you have a long-term successful career. With all the change that is occurring in the business world, maintaining one’s career can be a major concern. To secure your future, there are three important things you must do.

Adapt to New Environments

You can’t afford to get stuck in your ways as the world changes around you. Every year, jobs disappear, and new ones are created. As such, you need to change as well. Before computers, individuals that were skilled in math were hired to perform complex calculations. But when the computer was invented, this occupation became obsolete. The wisest human computers realized that their job was about to disappear. They also realized that someone would have to know how to operate the computers. They adapted to the new situation and kept their jobs. Those that didn’t, were left looking for new work.

Stick to Your Goals

If you don’t know where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter what path you take. If you want to succeed in life, you need to have goals. Your goals should meet certain criteria if you want to accomplish them. Your goals should be specific and reasonable so that you know what you’re doing and are motivated to accomplish them. They also need to be measurable. Having a measurable goal will allow you to know when you meet the goal’s criteria. To give yourself a sense of urgency, you should put a time-limit on the goal. This will help you work hard when you’re tired and discouraged. Stick to your goals. If you need to adjust, that’s ok. Just don’t abandon them.

Build Key Relationships

It’s not what you know that counts, it’s who you know. In order to have a successful career you need to build relationships with clients, employers, and employees. By gaining the trust of a client, you gain their business. By gaining an employer’s respect, you gain opportunity. By caring for your employees, you gain loyalty. Your knowledge is important, but it won’t do you any good if you can’t share it with others. The quality of your relationships will determine how much influence your knowledge has.

These three tips all require that you think for the future. Thinking for the future is the only way that you can affect it. Don’t waste your time on past mistakes. Know where you want to go, and act now so that you can get there.

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