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How to Exercise More Corporate Responsibility – HindSight

How to Exercise More Corporate Responsibility

Have you ever heard the saying that what you put into the world will always come back to you? Well, it is true. Life has a way of imposing karma where it is due—both in a positive and negative way. As a business owner, it is time that you think about what you are putting into the world and how you can practice greater corporate responsibility.

Follow a Code of Ethics

Developing and following a code of ethics is a great way to practice more corporate responsibility. Basically, if you and your company formally decide to practice business in a virtuous, ethical manner before you are faced with a moral dilemma, the more likely you will confront a real future dilemma according to your code of ethics.

A code of ethics should reflect what you believe in. It should include principles regarding issues such as bribery, discrimination, environmental situations, and work culture. Not only should it address specific situations, but it should also contain overarching goals aimed towards greater social responsibility. After developing your code of ethics, frequently revisit it and measure your company’s loyalty to the code. Also, ensure that all of your employees and customers are aware of your code of ethics. This will boost both your company morale and company image.

Treat Your Employees Well

Part of your code of ethics should address employee treatment. A responsible business owner treats their employees with respect and dignity. He or she protects his or her employees by developing safety regulations, enforcing caution in the workplace, and supplying protective equipment. Personal protective equipment protects employees from many different hazards. This could be eye protection and gloves to hand sanitizer and water bottles.

Furthermore, a responsible business owner makes a concerted effort to get to know each of her or his employees personally and offer employee benefits. If you are a small startup, you may not be able to give your employees super nice benefits. However, never forget that happy employees work more efficiently and practice more loyalty. It may be worth the extra expense.

Environmentally Conscious

A responsible business owner recognizes that he or she is not an island, but rather he or she plays a vital role in greater society. No person or company is exempt from the human condition. Your corporate decisions not only affect you and your company—they have the potential to affect your city, your state, and even the world. Practice accountability by making more environmentally conscious decisions by eliminating wasteful practices and cleaning up after yourself in an eco-friendly way.

In exercising greater corporal responsibility, you will not only be an example of an ethical business owner, but you will enjoy the benefits of a happier, healthier, and more trustworthy company. Follow this advice and you will reap these benefits in no time!

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