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How to Keep Your Company Moving after Employee Turnover – HindSight

How to Keep Your Company Moving after Employee Turnover

Every business hits the occasional bump in the road. Those bumps come in many shapes and sizes, some more difficult to deal with than others. While plenty of issues businesses face can be prevented, employee turnover is one that you’ll have to settle for mitigating, rather than expecting to prevent it entirely. But what can you do to deal with it?

Create Training Materials

One of the worst things you can do to yourself as a business in regards to handling employee turnover is to fail to standardize processes and procedures and to not have them written down to reference. You must avoid losing important knowledge of the workings of your business and how to perform various duties when an employee leaves. Make sure you create quality training materials that can be referenced and easily understood by anyone who might have need of them.

Make Onboarding Simpler

Unless you’re intending to downsize, you’ll certainly have a need to replace any employees who leave. That process has the potential to be rather tedious though, not to mention all the time it can take to get a new employee ready to go once you’ve hired them. The simpler you can make your onboarding process, the sooner they’ll be ready to go and really contribute to the workplace. Part of that means addressing the piles of paperwork that go with the onboarding process. With PeopleSoft forms, you can make onboarding new employees a breeze.

Streamline Your Hiring Process

Before you get to the onboarding, however, you need to get through the hiring process. Finding a good candidate for a position is a must if your business is to continue operating smoothly. Consider pre-screening your candidats to reduce the chances of wasting time interviewing people who just won’t be a good fit. Make sure you ask the right questions during the interview process. Some topics are legally off limits, while on some occasions it may be appropriate to deviate from your planned questions. Standardize your evaluation, background check, and reference check process to save yourself some additional time.

It’s tough to deal with employee turnover, but no business has ever, nor will it ever manage to keep all of its employees without any turnover whatsoever. The only thing to do is to make sure that you’re set up to manage it when it happens. Beyond that, your best bet is to make sure that what you as the employer offer to your employees in terms of working conditions and compensation is enough to encourage them to stay on for longer.

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