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How to Limit Your Liability for Injuries at Your Business – HindSight

How to Limit Your Liability for Injuries at Your Business

Unfortunately, there will be instances in your business where injuries may occur. When injuries occur on your property, you are held liable. However, there are ways you can protect yourself and limit this liability.

Insurance Coverage

Having insurance for your business is almost a necessity. When you have liability insurance, you protect you and your business in many ways since there are several aspects of potential injuries to consider. If a customer were to injure themselves by falling or through use of a product, you would be covered by general liability insurance. However, some people may take legal action so you should also have professional liability insurance. Finally, you should have insurance that accounts for any employee injuries as well. Having multiple types of coverage helps keep you thoroughly protected.

Require Release Forms

Injuries that occur on your property can cause you to be liable for damages. If you are already aware of certain liabilities related to your business, it may be helpful to have clients/customers sign release forms. These forms show that the individual acknowledges the risk and that they will take responsibility for it. When creating these forms, write them in plain language and avoid legal jargon. If forms are difficult to understand, individuals may use this against you, and you may still be held liable. You should also note that release forms are valid for ordinary injuries of negligence. However, if there is a great deal of negligence on your part you can still be at fault for the injury.

Identify the Risks

One reason injuries happen is because people are not aware of risks. To prevent injuries, you should be sure to identify the risks at your business and place signs where necessary. There are several types of signs you can use in your business. Some will notify people of any hazard and some will provide information about how to proceed. For example, your workers can be guided by notice signs that tell them how to safely operate machinery. On the other hand, hazard signs are used to show people what to look out for. These signs could include indications that the floor is wet or slippery. Having signs around your business helps remove your liability by providing people with the necessary information needed to avoid injuries.

You never know what could go wrong. Injuries can lead to medical expenses and potential lawsuits that could be very detrimental to your business. It’s important that you take measures to reduce your liability.

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