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How to Make a Boring Product Interesting to More People – HindSight

How to Make a Boring Product Interesting to More People

Marketing a product is all about making it interesting and appealing to potential customers, and that can be especially hard when your product is boring. Understanding how to make even the most boring products exciting to customers can help you make a name for your brand and build your business.

Become a Storyteller

Storytelling is a powerful tool that can help customers feel more excited about your product and connected with your company. If you learn how to tell the story of what makes your product exciting and necessary, you can capture your audience and get them excited about having your product in their house. Work to build suspense in your story and hook your audience early so they feel connected and inspired and ready to include your product in their daily life.

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Get Creative on Social Media

Social media can be a great way to market boring products. You can use your social media platform to tease your product and create suspense around it. Rather than joining every social media site, you should choose the ones that best fit your niche.

Once you have started a social media page on the platform that works best for you, you can start utilizing that page in meaningful ways. Try to create buzz around your product by using image and text to emphasize its benefits and encourage customer engagement so they can share and post about your product as well. When you get customers engaged on social media, you can grow your platform and make your product even more compelling.

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Find Your Audience

There is an appropriate audience for every product on the market. Even the most boring products have people that are passionate about them or at least need them to make their life easier. By finding your audience and learning what they love or need from your product, you can target them more effectively and become more aware of what can be exciting about the product you are selling. Take time to identify and get to know your audience so you have a better idea of what they find exciting and where that overlaps with your products.

Source: https://www.lotame.com/finding-target-audience/  

Selling a boring product is a huge challenge. But by finding ways to make it more interesting to potential customers, your product will be something they want to share with everyone they know.

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