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How to Make Your Marketing Campaign Stick – HindSight

How to Make Your Marketing Campaign Stick

What is the point of having a marketing campaign if it doesn’t stick with your audience? When it comes to advertising, having a memorable platform is essential in order to make your campaign useful. Luckily for you and your business, there are several ways you can make your marketing campaign stick.

Make Emotional Appeals

Emotional appeals have great power when it comes to marketing. By engaging the emotions of your audience, you build connections with them. Knowing your audience and capitalizing on their emotions is a great way to help them remember you and your product.

Emotional appeals in marketing make your campaign memorable and create positive associations for your audience. When someone feels touched by an advertisement, they are more likely to connect with that product and remember the sales message at a later time. These appeals also help to link your brand with positive attributes. For example, associating your brand with positive emotions, such as by including images of happy families, can make your audience associate your business with positive characteristics, such as being family-friendly.

Repeat the Message

It is important to repeat messages in marketing. The most effective brands are the ones which are most frequently seen and/or heard, because it takes more than one appearance for a message to stay with a person. In fact, the most effective messages need to be repeated 7 to 20 times before they stick.

Time also factors into this. You may need to continue repeating your message for an extended period of time in order to make it stick. Effective messages such as Nike’s “Just Do It” and the “Got Milk?” campaigns have been around for decades and are recognizable in nearly every household.

Engage With Your Audience

Using social media to engage one-on-one with your audience is an invaluable tool in marketing. Interacting with your followers will make your brand and your message more memorable. Use polls, questions, and email responses to involve your audience—this is a great idea for helping your brand become personable and authentic. Building a connection with your potential customers will build loyalty to your brand. Spotlight customers, partners, and employees. Helping your audience see inside your company will further boost your reputation as an authentic, personable brand.

Audience engagement, repetition, and emotional appeals could be considered building blocks of a memorable marketing campaign. When you are looking for ways to make your marketing campaigns more effective, return to these basic tips.

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