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How to Make Your Twitter Videos More Appealing to Your Audience

Twitter offers your business a quick and easy way to send out information to your followers. The best way to promote your tweets (outside of paying for a promotional message) is to include some sort of media with the tweet. This instantly adds more attention to the message and helps draw additional interactions. A video tweet offers both audio and video, making it the very best way to boost visibility. However, to ensure your video tweets have mass appeal to your audience, make sure to utilize these tips and tricks.

Grab Their Attention

Twitter videos are short and to the point. This means if you don’t grab the viewer’s attention right away they likely will keep scrolling. There’s so much information found on Twitter a subscriber doesn’t have the time to watch and wait for exciting information. So don’t just tease information to come later in the video. Hit them over the head with it right away.

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Do you have a longer video? Feel free to post that to YouTube and then upload the teaser video to Twitter. This way, you’ll maximize both platforms, build a following on both sites and experience maximum visibility on the Twitter video.

Still, Include Text

Don’t just include the video in your tweet and that’s it. People still need to know what the video is about. If it’s just a video with a hashtag or two, it doesn’t do you much good. Followers will still read the text included in the tweet. So post at least a brief idea as to what your followers can expect from the video.

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Edited For Twitter

Videos do not appear on Twitter the same way it looks on a computer screen, YouTube or other, more traditional viewing medium. The visual box in twitter is squared off, similar to that on Instagram. To best produce a video for your particular needs, you want to create square videos. Otherwise, valuable information might take place off screen that your viewer misses. So make sure to have the content readily cut and designed to fit onto Twitter, so all critical information is readily visible to all of your current and potentially new Twitter viewers. Be sure to contact the professionals, as amature footage can have a negative effect on your viewers.

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Twitter videos provide you with a great way to interact with followers. It instantly grabs more attention than a standard text tweet while offering insightful information. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll see not only an increase in follower interactions but an increase in followers in general. Make sure you contact professionals and describe what you want, and they will help you find the best package for you.

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