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How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business – HindSight

How to Use Instagram to Market Your Business

Instagram is a great platform to use to promote your business as it provides a visual space for you to show off your products and their features and benefits. Nearly one in three adults currently uses Instagram as a form of self-expression, an entertainment source, or a place to gather information, making it an essential part of online marketing activities. Here are some tips on how to use Instagram to market your business.

Generating Content

Generating eye-catching, quality content that lets your products speak for themselves is the key to successful marketing on Instagram. Your subscribers will want to learn more about the products that are shown and how they can benefit their lifestyle. Whether you sell jewelry, baked goods or landscaping services, always post good quality photos or video content showcasing your work. Some ideas of content include before-and-after photos, time-lapses, product sneak peeks or images from special guests and customers.

Growing Your Audience

Growing your audience is one way to help generate business. To grow your subscribers, ensure that you’re properly tagging your posts using relevant hashtags that people will search for in order to find products like yours. You don’t want to simply use trending hashtags because they’re trending; rather, think in terms of the language people will use to find your or similar products. Your content will appear in these searches, helping you grow your following. According to CertifiedLikes, people judge who they want to like and follow based on the following that has already been established, so it’s worth your while to grow your audience.

Turning Customers Into Advocates

Turn your loyal customers into advocates by offering them influencer benefits, such as free products, discounts or affiliate sales revenue. Instagram influencers are users with a large number of subscribers who can help you reach new customers. When identifying influencers to partner with, there are some best practices to follow to ensure your success, according to CB&A. For example, you want to invite followers who are truly passionate about your brand and can align themselves with your product story or reputation. You can trust these customers to speak well on your behalf due to their history and affinity.

Investing time and resources into growing your subscribers on Instagram is one outlet that can help drive new business and increase sales. Generating great content and strategically using influencer benefits are great ways of ensuring your products are seen by as many potential customers as possible, which can then translate into sales.

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