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How Your Business Can Stay Compliant During COVID-19 – HindSight

How Your Business Can Stay Compliant During COVID-19

So much has changed in the past few months, and while everything is slowly opening back up, it’s important that both your team and your clients feel comfortable knowing your company has their safety as a priority. But, how can you assuage the concerns of both, while making sure you are able to stay open and profitable? And, how can you make sure your business is compliant with local and national ordinances to provide the safest atmosphere possible during the pandemic?

How To Follow CDC Guidelines

New guidelines can seem complex and confusing, but the CDC wants you to be successful. They are dedicated to making sure small businesses know and are capable of following the new regulations. Take the time you need to read through and take notes upon what things you will need to change in your current practices. Familiarize yourself with the CDC website, where there are things such as printable signs for reminders for social distancing, disinfecting, and masking ordinances. It would be nice if there was a shortcut to learning this new information, but do not despair– they want you to be successful, and are trying to make sure everybody can do their best.

Understand OSHA Regulations

You must likewise familiarize yourself with any new OSHA regulations for your company. OSHA has recently increased the amount of in-person inspections to ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations. This is understandable, of course, considering all the new information needed in order to make sure that workspaces, kitchens, and preparation areas are constantly disinfected. There will be further and more frequent inspections, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with the standards and state plans on the OSHA website.

 Know Your Risk

If you know that you will be facing a problem, such as complying to new regulations, your best option is to find out what those regulations are, and knowing the risk which exists to you and your business. OSHA and the CDC and OSHA have rankings of very high, high, moderate, and low exposure risks. These regulations shift accordingly. For example, very high exposure risks in healthcare work might have need for more stringent equipment than low exposure risks, such as those who work with low contact with each other and the public, and who would not need PPE or other high-risk equipment.

Regardless of what business you do, or how many workers you are safeguarding, being prepared to know your individual risk and how to best be compliant with expert advice will help your office. Your workers will feel more calm knowing that you have studied new guidelines and are helping them to fulfill them. You can also reassure clients and customers that your office is working hard to make sure all individuals and products are cared for properly. You can lessen your risk of exposure if you make sure to follow these guidelines.

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