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Little-Known Tips to Boost Search Rankings – HindSight

Little-Known Tips to Boost Search Rankings

As the online landscape becomes more competitive, you need to use every possible means to keep your brand visible in search results. Even if you?ve done everything right, you still might have to work hard and long to keep your competitive edge. The following little-known tips will help you boost your game and attract the web traffic you need to sustain your business.

Content Marketing

Have you heard the expression, ?Content is King?? Pay attention to it. Now that search algorithms are in almost a constant state of flux, your position in search results is anything but assured. Making things worse, corporations with deep pockets are now using artificial intelligence to dominate top revenue-producing keywords. Harkness Digital explains that small changes to your website can have a big impact on how easy it is for your potential customers to find you on the Internet.

Content marketing is your key to long-term online stability. Simply put, by publishing and distributing valuable online content that satisfies the real-world needs of your audience. This ensures that your content always stays relevant to search-engine users. As a result, search engines will consistently position your site above your competitors in their results pages.

Use Video

Internet users have evolving preferences. Cisco predicts that, between 2016 and 2021, internet video traffic will quadruple. Additionally, live video will increase 15 times during that period, reaching 13 percent of all internet traffic.

Such statistics should tell you one thing: You need to produce and publish videos on your website. As a result, you can expect to increase the engagement rate of your visitors, reducing the bounce rate of visits to your pages. Meanwhile, you will increase the value of your website in the eyes of search engines and thereby boost your site in search rankings. Talk with the video experts to make your site?s the best around.

Permission Marketing

Traditional online and offline marketing strategies depend on interrupting people as they consume online, printed, and broadcasted content. Sometimes, the sheer number of marketing messages received by consumers results in conditions of overload, causing many audience members to ignore them. Permission marketing tries to overcome that problem.

Rather than interrupting people during their normal activities, permission marketers gain their audience?s advance consent. This means that people who grant permission to receive marketing messages from a brand have a genuine interest in a product or service. This method can increase conversion rates, improve your reputation and reduce your marketing costs.

By putting the above little-known tips to use, you can expect to increase the visibility of your website in search results. In the end, you?ll collect more leads and convert more sales.

If you?re looking for more help or motivation, make sure to spend some time reading our interviews! We know the difference having a bit of perspective and understanding can have, so we want to be able to give that to you and your ventures.

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