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System Reset – You’re Drifting, get on track – HindSight

System Reset – You’re Drifting, get on track

Focus. It?s so critical. It?s so essential. It?s so obvious.

It?s also so overlooked. Focus is not just overlooked, but often entirely dismissed! So much effort spent on #Hustle #Passion #Energy #Drive #Ambition.

Do you know what you?re hustling for, do you know what all the drive, passion, and ambition is even about?

I have been striving to live with ?passion and on purpose? for a long time. I pay close attention to it, I work hard at it, and I make a serious effort, a FOCUSED effort to ensure I?m on track with exactly what I want to accomplish, and even more important than that, the ?why? I want to accomplish it.

The Best Time To Plant a Tree Is NOWWhen I was younger, MUCH younger, my goals were different. I was young, immature, lacking wisdom. I wanted to be successful (no idea what that meant), but I thought I did. I thought that meant, work had, get a house, get some nice cars, watch football on the weekend, and retire early.

Such a standard common dream, it?s the new adaptation of the ?American Dream.?

What the hell does any of that mean, what the hell kind of goal is ?Be Successful.?

To what end, what is the purpose of it, what has been accomplished. Nothing in that goal dealt with the actual life of living life. No relationships, no accomplishments, no impact. I was content ?dreaming? of getting some stuff and retire early.

I learned though.

I found out that there is no purpose in that, there is no long term benefit to myself, the people around me that I love, and the world. If I just nailed those early goals, I would have benefited NO ONE, except maybe Costco and BMW.

Focus. Purpose. Why.

Find the reason you do what you do, and then freaking do it so well that you become amazing, you make a difference, make an impact in whatever it is.

A goal without a plan is just a wishIt took me many years, but eventually, I learned what?s important. I learned that memories with friends and family are more important than money. That impacting the world around me for good, is more important that security.

Crazy thing happened. When I cared less about money, and more about memories, I got both. When I focused on the things in life that mattered, a lot of the other stuff also came. Without the distraction of focusing on the wrong things, it freed my mind, my effort, and my ability to accomplish more with less, and with less time than I ever imagined possible.

Step out there, try something new, do something with someone that you care about, make some memories. It?s time for you to figure out your purpose, figure out your why. Figure out you WHY and drop everything else, focus your energy on your why, set some goals, and don?t stop until you have accomplished them until you have accomplished some of the stuff that matters.

Don’t drift. Get on track!


~Chris Behnke

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