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Tighter Hiring Now Can Help You Avoid Problems Later – HindSight

Tighter Hiring Now Can Help You Avoid Problems Later

One of the most common issues that small business owners run into is the process of hiring. Hiring staff to your business is an investment and should be treated as such. In fact, if researched enough, you may find that the problem that many closed companies faced during their last days was a high turnover rate. Fortunately, there are a variety of things you can begin implementing today in order to avoid that fate.

Handling References

References are a great way to find out a little more about your potential candidate. A simple call to their past employer can help you better understand how that person is going to perform. However, you might run into an ex-employer who might not be telling you everything in order to save face or simply because they don’t have anything positive to say about their past employee. There is no need to pressure them to say anything, but it should be noted if you plan to call this candidate back in for further questions.

The Right Attitude

Nothing brings down a positive company culture like having that one bad apple. Therefore, when it comes to hiring, skills and talent should not be everything you base your decision on. A great way to determine if they’re going to be a good fit within the office is to have a pre-employment screening. This can be accomplished through an integrity test or through a more hands-on approach, such as observing how they react with your staff. Testing a candidate’s attitude, honesty, and integrity can help ensure you hire a team player.

Who Are You Attracting?

Often the issue is not with the candidates that appear at your door but with what qualities you are attracting. Thus, business owners should take a closer look at the requirements placed on their wanted ad. Often a vague job requirement list will attract nothing but mediocre talent. However, by placing too many restrictions, such as a certain number of years of experience, it can deter top talent who are just under that number to skip applying entirely.

Understandably, every business owner wants the very best to come through their doors. Although difficult, it is certainly not impossible. This can be accomplished with the right amount of preparation and execution. Adhere to the list above and feel free to customize them to your particular industry.

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