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Want Better Business? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself – HindSight

Want Better Business? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

If you want your business to improve, you must seek answers to pertinent questions. Watching “How to improve your business” videos on YouTube would be time well spent. Checking any resource for information would be a wise move. Don’t, however, overlook turning inwards for answers. Direct questions to yourself because you may be what’s holding your business back. And, no, asking yourself questions doesn’t involve some strange metaphysical journey towards self-revelation. Likely, you might be missing “little things” that require some immediate improvements. Here are three questions to ask yourself to launch those improvements.

How Are My Reviews?

Successful entertainers can get away with saying they never listen to their critics. Small businesses would find it useful to check out reviews and see where they are doing well and where they have gone wrong. Competitors may maintain an agenda, but honest customers are giving their thoughts to tell a crystal-clear tale about making improvements. Make sure to give incentives to customers you respond to. Or you can also give rewards to good customers.

When bad reviews start to pile up, beware. You’ll lose customers and find it hard to replace them. Be proactive when poor reviews emerge. Think about hiring a reputation management firm to help get some positive news out there online. Otherwise, bad reviews will forever define your business.

Who’s Answering the Phone?

Excellent customer service extends to proper professional etiquette when answering a phone. Managers should train all staff on the correct way to handle inbound and outbound calls. Depending on how busy an office is, outsourcing call duties might be advisable. Both inbound and outbound call centers might serve a business well. While both can be beneficial, it might be important to determine whether an inbound vs. outbound call center suits your company better as each focuses on different aspects of a business.

Answering the phones in a timely and professional manner keeps customers happy. Poor phone customer service could send them into the hands of a competitor.

What Did That Comment Mean?

When customers say things under their breath, they provide an insight into how they genuinely feel. The customer who grumbles about the wait in line being too long might not be interested in returning to the store. The average customer doesn’t likely want to complain, so don’t ignore anyone who says something negative in passing. Probably, they mean what they are saying. Otherwise, they probably wouldn’t lose their composure and speak their thoughts aloud.

Success in business involves meeting customers’ reasonable expectations. Always look for ways to improve because your company’s health depends on it.

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