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Why Is Your eCommerce Business Making So Many Errors in Order Fulfillment? – HindSight

Why Is Your eCommerce Business Making So Many Errors in Order Fulfillment?

Congratulations! Your eCommerce business is thriving so much that you are making fulfillment errors. While this is better than not having any sales at all, it is still not a good thing. In the end, fulfillment errors can hurt your reputation and ultimately your bottom line. Here are a few reasons why you may be making so many fulfillment errors.

Bad Organization

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small, home-based business or a large corporation. Poor organization can be your downfall. When a business is disorganized, it leads to misplaced items, confusion, and possibly even arguments. For example, your employees could be confused about which SKU numbers go with which products, leading to the products being mislabeled. This is a guaranteed way to have an error in fulfillment. Poor organization can also lead to stressed-out employees. Stressed employees could possibly overlook or misinterpret important details. One perfect example of this is putting in the wrong street number on an address. Any number of mishaps can happen with bad organization.

Technical Issues

Fulfillment issues are actually a common sign of issues in your POS as well. Technology is great for fulfillment businesses until they don’t work. It’s important to check your equipment and software often to make sure it’s in proper working order. If not, your equipment and software can malfunction and cause a bunch of fulfillment problems before you realize what is happening. An example is a printer not printing barcodes clearly. This can lead to unscannable barcodes or barcodes that are supplying the wrong information.

Shipping Problems

In many cases, fulfillment errors occur when the package leaves your facility. Here is an example: the right product was packed and the correct address was put on the package, but it was weighed improperly which caused the package to lack adequate postage. Here is another example: your package doesn’t follow proper shipping policies depending on what it is or if the package gets held up in customs. These are all simple fixes if you catch them before the package leaves.

Fulfillment errors don’t have to ruin your business. You simply must find where the errors are occurring and get a handle on the situation. Use the three tips above to help you weed out the problems and get your fulfillment business back on track.

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