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Why Your Business Needs a Cyber Security Plan Now More Than Ever Before – HindSight

Why Your Business Needs a Cyber Security Plan Now More Than Ever Before

With the recent economic closures in the world, businesses are moving online faster than ever. As more and more of your deals and interactions occur on the web, the need for protection only increases. Without the proper precautions, you could have your business fall apart right in front of you. Here’s why.

Threats Are Evolving

There was a time when it seemed that the only information that was related to identity theft. While personal information is still stolen frequently, cybercriminals are branching out. Nowadays, you see corporate information stolen, released, or tampered with. Even industrial power grids have been hacked.

The methods that criminals use are becoming more and more sophisticated. They can hack into your systems without being anywhere near your computers or servers. Even if your security is good, criminals could threaten you by stealing your information through your business partnerships.

It’s Only Going to Get More Important

No matter what, your business is never 100% cyber risk-free. You simply can’t afford to be complacent about this. If your customer data is stolen, you’ll lose your customers. They’ll no longer be able to trust you. It would be nice to believe that corporate espionage doesn’t occur, but it does. You could have your plans stolen by competitors if you aren’t careful.

As your office transitions to a paper-free environment, you are only increasing the wealth of information that could be stolen. Unless you’re a software company, you will likely need to outsource most of your data processing to third party programs. You’ll have programs for advertising, for payment processing, for account management and much more. If you aren’t careful, one of these could end up exposing you. Even if you can pass the blame to a third-party company, you will still face serious damage to your business.

What You Need

So, what do you need in your plan? First, education. You need to educate all members of your business about the risks of cybersecurity and common ways that hackers can gain access to systems like through the use of typosquatting. Second, thoroughly vet your third-party risk. Make sure that you know what your business partners are doing to protect themselves. Third, invest in technology that can detect if your data has been exposed or if credentials are linked. At the very least, you should be scanning for logins from odd locations.

Just because nothing has happened before doesn’t mean that it won’t happen in the future. In fact, if you aren’t constantly updating your security, the chances of a breach are only increasing. Do you and your business a solid, and take this seriously.

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