It’s simple really.

Life and business throw a whole lot of curveballs. You know, the stuff you aren’t ready for that seems to come at the exact WRONG time. This is, of course, both unfortunate yet unavoidable, but none the less, it’s a fact of life.

What we have found is throughout your?journey you’re just gonna end up?making mistakes. No matter how hard you swing that bat, you miss a whole heck of a lot of those curveballs.

But, you learn, oh my do you learn, every single trial you go through is a lesson, and when you look back at what worked, didn’t work, what you loved, and what you hated, hindsight is always 20/20. “Dang”, you tell yourself, “I sure wish I could have shared a few of the things I have learned with myself way back in the day!”

Sadly, until we get that time machine project finished, you can’t go back and help yourself out, BUT you can share your stories, your wisdom, those hard lessons with others. It feels good to share, and you know what, what you have learned may just help someone else, and you know what, that’s pretty freaking cool.

So we built this site, to share those stories through interviews, Chris’s podcast, articles, tips, tools, and eCourses, all designed to take what we have all learned and share it, in the hopes of helping each other out, and maybe just making the world a tad bit better along the way.

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